enChord v1

a harmony modular super algorithm

the MIDI control super instrument

A game changing app for music composing and performance. Design chord progressions and scale modulations.  enChord allows you to aproach making music like no other tool before. Its vast ChordLibrary and ScaleLibrary are at your fingertips enabling you to explore musical routes you never thought were at your reach without decades of music theory study and practice.



With minimal and lightning-fast interaction enChord enables its users to tailor the overall harmony of their composition AND performance. And no, enChord will not make music for you, rather enChord WILL be your companion in your in-harmony exploration.




FEATURES: ChordLibrary

FEATURES: ScaleLibrary

FEATURES: ChordBank & ModBank

FEATURES: Progression analytics & PadBoard


. 1.19.2013 - All enChord v1 users received a free update, as well as our newsletter with Avantgarde Sound’s latest news . 1.16.2013 - To celebrate the launching of our little website, get enChord v1 with a +10% discount: just  $26 (good until Jan31) . 1.15.2013 - goes live . 12.23.2012 to 1.13.2013 - incredible people have acquired a license, including some of my personal idols. i feel incredibly humbled and flattered. must intensify efforts and commitment . 1.1.2013 - happy new year! . 12.26.2012 - enChord v1 begins being ported to iPad standalone version. preparation begins also for Windows 8 version . 12.23.2012 - fully working enChord v1 prototype for Liine’s Lemur and iPad released for sale on eBay . 2.9.2011 - first enChord v1 prototype is attempted. what the f**k is a “for loop” or “i++”? . 4.11.2004 - enChord’s idea is conceived on a paris-köln train. note to self: “a chord is in fact a mini-scale. even triatonic or tetratonic, a chord is still a mini-scale. must create instrument that reflects this. music-making must  be for everyone. everyone should be able to have a (musical) say if music is indeed the universal language”

FEATURES: Compatibility

As a MIDI controller instrument, enChord is compatible with all MIDI-compatible synthesizers by these brands:

Access, Akai, Alesis, Analogue Systems, Applied Acoustics, Aries, ARP, Arturia, BitHeadz, Bomb Factory Studios, Buchla, Casio, Chamberlin, Cheetah, Chimera Synthesis, Clavia, Con Brio, Control Synthesis, Creamware, Crumar, Dave Smith Instruments, Davoli, Doepfer, E-mu, EKO, Electrix Pro, Electro Harmonix, EDP, Elektron, Elka, EML, EMS, Encore Electronics, Ensoniq, Fairlight, Farfisa, FBT Electronica, Formanta, Frostwave, Future Retro, Generalmusic (GEM), GForce Software, Gleeman, Hammond, Hartmann, Hohner, IK Multimedia, Image Line, Jen Electronics, JoMoX, Kawai, Kenton Electronics, KeyFax Hardware, Korg, Kurzweil, Lennar Digital, Linn Electronics, Logan Electronics, Lync, MacBeth Studio Systems, MAM, Marion Systems, Mark of the Unicorn, Metasonix, Miscellaneous, Moog, Mutronics, Native Instruments, New England Digital, Novation, Oberheim, Octave, Oxford Synthesiser Company, PAiA, Percussa, Philips, Powertran, PPG, Propellerhead Software, Prosoniq, Quasimidi, Red Sound Systems, Rhodes, Roland, RSF, Seer Systems, Sequential Circuits, Serge, Sherman Electronics, Siel, Solton, SoundMaster, Spectral Audio, Steinberg, Steiner-Parker, Studio Electronics, Synhouse, Syntauri, Syntecno,, Synton, TC Electronic, Technosaurus, Teisco, VAZ Synths, Vermona, Waldorf, Wave Idea, Way Out Ware, Wersi, Wiard, Will Systems, Wurlitzer, Yamaha, as well as ANY other synthesizer model or brand whether hardware or software that supports MIDI connectivity.

enChord is compatible with all DAWs that support MIDI.



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- Original enChord development, concept, workflow, GUI, and idea by A. I./Avantgarde Sound

- enChord’s software implementation and prototype accomplished using Liine's Lemur development framework. All other brands and technologies are the property of their respective owners

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- A user licensed by Avantgarde Sound is ONLY authorized to use enChord as is. User modifications to enChord using Lemur Editor are allowed for personal use ONLY, and are forbidden for distribution/sharing/resale by any means

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Thanks for supporting enChord’s further development

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enChord‘s first version and prototype was created using Liine’s Lemur framework/environment, so you need:

- Liine’s Lemur app for iPad. All iPad versions/generations are supported.

- Wireless MIDI connectivity or a supported  iPad MIDI interface (such as Line 6’s or IK Multimedia’s)

- Lemur Editor installed in your MAC or Windows computer so you can load enChord to your Lemur’s library.


Liine’s Lemur users can download the latest version of Lemur editor here:

If you prefer to wait for the iPad standalone version (coming soon!), you can send us an email (see top of the page), and we will let you know when released!